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Washington State University - IFC (Fraternity Recruitment)

CUB 323 | Pullman, WA 99164 | 509-335-5929 | ifcrecruitment@wsu.edu | http://www.wsuifc.com/


Congratulations on taking the first step towards life-long membership in a fraternity chapter! We are excited to welcome you into our community. 

A couple of things to consider before registering for IFC Recruitment:
  • - Registration will open May 21st at 8am and will close August 1st at 5pm.
  • - All students interested in joining an IFC Fraternity, must register and pay the registration fee. You can register at any point during the registration period. This registration will register you for both summer and Fall recruitment (the cost is based on the date you register, not on the type of recruitment you participate in). If you sign a bid with a chapter during summer recruitment, you will be removed from the list for Fall recruitment.
  • - The registration fee will as follows:
    • - May 21st - July 13th: $65
    • - July 14th - August 1st: $95
  • - Recruitment Dates:
    • - Summer Recruitment (All events held by individual chapters, not all chapters participate in summer recruitment):
      • - June 1st - August 1st 2018
    • - Fall Recruitment (Opportunity to see all 28 chapters in structured process):
      • - August 11-19th (Resident Hall move in will be August 11th before 3pm)